Individual therapy for eating disorders

Eating Disorder Support

individual therapy 

In private practice for over 20 years, Angela has successfully treated people who seek to overcome their concerns with feeding and eating by assisting them to develop and mature their minds intellectually, emotionally and psychologically. Working from a psychodynamic perspective that involves a long term therapeutic relationship, Angela understands the complexities involved in developing eating disorders and that each person has a unique story and early experiences that impact one’s mind. By treating an eating disorder from a psychodynamic perspective, a patient can expect to to gain a rich understanding of their mind and sustain desired changes over time.

Individual Eating Disorder Therapy with Angela will help you:

  • Develop eating recovery strategies
  • Understand the psychological purpose of your eating disorder
  • Foster and sustain insight
  • Create a treatment team of professionals that meets your medical, emotional and nutritional needs

Family Therapy for Eating Disorers

Family Psychodynamic Therapy

Family therapy


When one person in a family system is struggling significantly, the whole family struggles. Family therapy for eating disorders is often essential in the treatment of hunger diseases. Family therapy for eating disorders offers each family member the opportunity for change and growth.

Family Eating Disorder Therapy with Angela will help your family:

  • Develop empathic and effective communication
  • Enhance dynamics to foster validation of emotional experiences of each family member
  • Cultivate a family foundation of strength and purpose

Angela provides an individualized assessment process of 1- 3 sessions in order to determine the most appropriate and suitable level of eating disorder therapy for each individual or family that she works with.  She has developed a specialized assessment process that provides a comprehensive understanding of eating disorder symptoms and the related levels of care.  Angela is adept at being able to differentiate, illuminate and determine the severity of a patient's symptoms, which will assist in developing the most effective treatment plan for a given person or family system at a given time.

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