Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training Program

Individual Training

Angela R. Wurtzel offers one on one training to licensed professionals who are interested in deepening their psychodynamic understanding of the underlying dynamics associated with the symptoms presented in therapy. This process can assist clinicians in finding new and helpful techniques and insight. An individualized training relationship offers an intensive focus for diverse and complex cases.

Please contact Angela R. Wurtzel for more information.

Group Training

Angela R. Wurtzel offers group trainings for licensed professionals on a weekly basis.

Licensed practitioners who seek to develop and enhance their clinical understanding and skill set in a group setting which involves case presentation and exploration of psychodynamic concepts are excellent candidates for this group. Licensed practitioners should know their cases will not be supervised, rather, supplementary ideas of working with clients will be offered.

Licensed practitioners who wish to strengthen and enhance their treatment philosophy and framework with psychodynamic psychotherapy techniques and concepts will find a group of similar minded clinicians prepared to support and explore the therapeutic mind.

Please contact Angela R. Wurtzel for admittance into this training group.