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“Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change.”

-Ingrid Bengis


Insight from the Couch is a blog dedicated to understanding the treatment and therapy for eating disorders, self injury, compulsive shopping and prenatal and postpartum mood disorders and concerns.

The information, ideas and clinical vignettes presented in this blog are created and offered for those interested in delving more deeply into the psychodynamics related to and involved in the development of hunger diseases and their underlying concerns such as depression, anxiety and trauma. Any personal information described in this content has been changed to protect the identity and confidentiality of those who are in the serious and sensitive process of psychotherapy.

All information on this blog is provided as that: ideas. This blog is not for advice or a substitute for the medical and psychological care typically necessary for those who may be struggling with an eating disorder, self injury, compulsive shopping or prenatal and/or postpartum mood disorders.

If you would like to pursue psychological care and would like to reach out to schedule an initial assessment with me, please click the button below.

Angela Wurtzel