From a Pea to a Pumpkin: A 10 Week Prenatal Psychotherapy Group

"We can’t understand when we’re pregnant, or when our siblings are expecting, how profound it is to have a shared history with a younger generation: blood, genes, humor. It means we were actually here, on Earth, for a time—like the Egyptians with their pyramids, only with children.”
—Anne Lamott

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From a Pea to a Pumpkin: A Prenatal Psychotherapy Group, is designed to provide support, connection and above all, therapy for those seeking an emotional and psychological understanding of themselves during pregnancy. Pregnancy is mostly a profound subjective experience although not uncommon. Because the physical experience of being pregnant is plenty to have a range of effects on a woman’s body and mind, the psychological and emotional elements can be unfamiliar and unique to each pregnant woman. This group’s only prerequisite is pregnancy. The process over the ten weeks of meetings will provide an exploration of individual musings amongst a group of women all living the common experience of being pregnant. Women who have previously participated in this group have said that it was helpful and insightful, especially when a member of the group shared something that initiated unknown thoughts and feelings in them that led to something that was unexpected. These unsolicited moments, according to past members, were meaningful emotionally and psychologically, almost like gaining a sense of strength without even trying or thinking it was necessary. The group cohesion and commitment over the 10 weeks can offer structure and support during this time of transition from pregnancy to motherhood. For those interested, I provide a 75 minute initial interview to talk about expectations, frame and format of the group in the hope that each member benefit from this group experience. Do you want more information about each week? I will post what each week will address, so stay in touch!