The Body Speaks What The Mind Cannot Digest

Mother the doctor knows something is wrong
Cause my body has strange information
He's looked in my eyes and knows I'm not a child
But he doesn't dare ask the right question

Mother my friends are no longer my friends
And the games we once played have no meaning
I've gone serious and shy and they can't figure why
So they've left me to my own daydreaming

What price to pay
For bad wisdom
What price to pay
For bad wisdom
Too young to know
Too much too soon

Mother I'm cut at the root like a weed
Cause there's no one to hear my small story
Just like a woman who walks in the street
I will pay for my life with my body.

- Suzanne Vega, "Bad Wisdom"


This fall I am offering a 10 week intensive psychotherapy group program for those individuals seeking a comprehensive approach to treatment and understanding of their eating disorder symptoms and patterns. Although a difficult task, this week we address how, for each participant in the group, the body has become the vehicle for the expression of feelings and thoughts when our minds and words have been prohibited and cut off. The exploration of this process is essential in understanding how an eating disorder remains purposeful and resilient, while at the same time, beginning to acknowledge how important it is to practice identifying, naming and expressing what comes to mind. For more information regarding this unique group, please complete a contact form and I will be in touch with you.


Angela Wurtzel