Fasting Women, Starving Souls

Now, she's looking in the mirror
At a lovely woman face
No more frightened little girl
Like she's gone without a trace
Still she leaves the light
Burning in the hall
It's hard to sleep at all

'Til she crawls up in her bed
Acting quiet as a mouse
Deep inside, she's listening
For a creaking in the house
But no one's left to harm her
She's fin'ly safe and sound
There's a peace she has found

- Amy Grant, "Ask Me"


This fall I am offering a 10 week intensive psychotherapy group program for those individuals seeking a comprehensive approach to treatment and understanding of their eating disorder symptoms and patterns. This week marks the half way point of this intensive psychotherapy group. This may be one of the most trying times for group members because we are actively involved in addressing the unconscious drives that fuel satiety and fasting. When we think of an eating disorder simply by it’s outward symptoms of weight, food and measurement, we avoid, perhaps consciously, the inner life that is very much alive and significant. So many people I have worked with over the years discover the complex meanings for the development of their eating disorder and when they reach this awareness, a new freedom is found and repetitious patterns with food and weight become less prominent in their lives. If you or a loved one struggles with an active eating disorder or is interested in furthering the recovery made thus far, this group may be suitable for you. For more information and how to join this group, please complete an inquiry form and I will be in touch with you. 

Angela Wurtzel