Cravings, Longings & The Hungry Self

"If longings go unmet, don't be astonished, We call that life." 

                                      - Anna Freud


This fall I am offering a 10 week intensive psychotherapy group program for those individuals seeking a comprehensive approach to treatment and understanding of their eating disorder symptoms and patterns. In week two, we approach hunger, cravings and longings from an unconscious perspective beginning to piece together how our worlds have become deduced to our feeding processes. In a group setting, rich material lies both within and with those in the group, providing opportunities to explore places psychologically unknown to consciousness. The group setting is established for each participant to talk constructively when words come to mind. It is not unusual for those suffering with an eating disorder to have limited access to both experiencing feelings and naming them, so, this group provides the opportunity to restore faith in the process of feeling and talking, and in the faith of being understood by others. It is within the spaces of these processes that a sense of self can emerge, feel contained, and prosper. For more information regarding this group and how to join, please complete an inquiry form and I will be in touch with you. 

Angela Wurtzel