Deepening The Parental Couple

"He kissed my belly, “Just think. All the love that we have for each other, we put it in this safe place here.” He kissed my belly again.”
—Tara Brown


In this session of the 10 week prenatal psychotherapy group, we will talk about the emotional and psychological makeup of the parental couple, that is, whomever is consciously bringing a baby into existence. The “couple” provides the emotional and physical container for the newborn. Exploring the bonds, its tender areas and its strengths, assists in cultivating a foundation for the parents and the newborn that can potentially provide insight, hope, change and fortitude during pregnancy and for what the unknown future holds. This psychotherapy group uses meaning and understanding, feeling and emotion, to help and offer a “parental couple” new information while adapting to an identity beyond the “couple”. For more information regarding the Pea to a Pumpkin 10 Week Psychotherapy Group, send me a contact form and we will set up a time to talk.

Angela Wurtzel