Prenatal Group Psychotherapy

A Prenatal Psychotherapy Group

A postpartum therapeutic community designed to meet the emotional and psychological needs for each mother and baby participant.


In a structured yet relaxed setting, mothers and babies have in the moment interactions to address attachment & separation and developmental stages of their relationship.


Develop and enhance coping strategies for anxiety, overwhelm and challenges associated with the transitions of becoming a mother.


Through the creation of a holding environment, gain and offer support during early motherhood for your relationships and family.

Ongoing Groups Offered in Santa Barbara

Mondays 9:30 am – 10:45 am

Contact Angela R. Wurtzel for more information and to schedule an appointment today to attend

From a Pea to a Postpartum Groups.

Santa Barbara

“A change gradually takes place in the feelings as well as in the body of the woman who has conceived. The direction of her interest turns from outward to inwards. She slowly but surely comes to believe that the center of the world is in her own body.”
– W. Winnicott